my debut techno EP is finally here.


first release on a various artists compilation!

What The Food (#WTFOOD)

What The Food (commonly abbreviated #WTFOOD) is a series of food reviews i produced since late 2018, covering various foodstuffs to even drinks. this series drew inspiration from various YouTube channels, primarily TheWolfePit and TheReportOfTheWeek (honorable Reviewbrah). while both of those channels specialized in their own field of consumables, they still had the same purpose: […]

Arca – Piel (KRNXX REMIX)

my KRNXX side project returns after nearly a year of inactivity with one of the rawest remixes i’ve made yet. this remix was made to present a more emotional take on Arca’s critically acclaimed track “Piel”, with the vocals removed and its less popular “Alt Version” sampled throughout the track, while creating a new melody […]