general update…? [NEW WEBSITE]

over the course of the past week, a few important things happened and decisions were made. i got myself an extended vacation away from my day job (wasn’t so long, maybe 2 days extra + a national holiday) so i could get my head back on my shoulders, away from life’s common distractions. with that, […]

“Aa” will be more than just an EP

over a year ago, i became heavily engrossed in the techno subgenre of electronic music thanks to a popular YouTube channel, HATE (and subsequently 7296272962). i was traversing a rather dark period in my life, when high school senior year would eventually be the culmination of acceptable and “very ok” grades, a questionable social life […]

things are looking better – technically

the Latin writer Publilius Syrus once said: “No one knows what he can do until he tries.” and that saying revealed its truth to me yesterday. for the past year or so, my laptop has been struggling with severe overheating issues, hampering my productivity and affecting the device’s performance overall. the problems became more evident […]

“What Happened”

FAIR WARNING: This update post is EXTREMELY LONG. There will be a condensed video version soon on my YouTube channel. with that said, enjoy the read… so, i finally turned 18. and my day job has been tough on me. but i’m back, so… firstly, i need to say that it’s been a tough break […]